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Manage Permissions with Our School ERP

Teacher Login:

A dedicated portal for teachers to manage important tasks related to their classes and academic work. This typically includes functionalities such as managing lesson plans, uploading assignments and course materials, recording attendance, grading assignments and exams, communicating with students and parents, accessing student records, and generating academic reports.

Student Login:

Student login portals allow students to access their academic information, including their class schedules, exam timetables, attendance records, grades, assignments, and announcements from teachers or the school administration. It may also provide access to resources such as educational materials, library catalogs, and extracurricular activities.

Parent Login:

Parent login portals provide parents or guardians with access to their child's academic progress, attendance records, exam results, online fee payment options with payment history, school announcements, and communication channels with teachers and school administrators. This enables parents to stay informed and involved in their child's education and school activities.

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