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Manage Term:

This feature allows administrators or exam coordinators to add or edit exam terms within the ERP system. Exam terms could include terms like quarterly, half-yearly, or annual exams. Within each term, administrators can further add specific exams, such as subject-wise exams or comprehensive assessments covering multiple subjects, ensuring structured planning and organization of the examination process.

Exam Grade:

Educators or administrators can define and add grades along with their corresponding numerical values and percentage ranges. This feature aids in automated grading and result generation based on predefined grading criteria, simplifying the assessment and evaluation process.

Exam Schedule:

This module enables the scheduling of exams by specifying details such as class, subject, exam date, time, assigned teacher, and allocated room number. It helps in creating a detailed timetable for exams, ensuring smooth conduct and management of examination sessions.

Manage Marks:

Teachers or exam coordinators can use this feature to enter and manage marks or scores obtained by students in online exams or traditional pen-and-paper exams. Additionally, they can assign grades based on predefined grade criteria, facilitating accurate result computation and report generation.

Online Exam:

This functionality allows scheduling and conducting online exams within the ERP system. Admins can set parameters such as class, subject, exam date, time, assigned teacher, and provide a link to the online exam platform. This feature supports remote learning and assessment, providing flexibility and convenience for both educators and students.

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