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Student Category:

This feature enables the creation of student categories such as General, OBC, SC, etc., which are used for applying waivers or concessions based on government guidelines or institution-specific policies. Administrators can manage these categories and assign them to students as per their eligibility criteria.

Student - View Search:

This function allows users to search and manage the complete student database using various criteria such as name, admission number, or class. It provides a convenient way to access student information quickly and efficiently.

Student Attendance:

This module facilitates the management of student attendance by marking them as present, late, or absent based on class, section, and date parameters. It helps in monitoring student punctuality and compliance with attendance policies.

Set Card Format:

Admins can customize and manage the format of student ID cards, report cards, transfer certificates (TC), and other documents. This includes design elements, information fields, logos, and other details to ensure consistency and professionalism.

Student ID Card:

Users can generate and print student ID cards by selecting the class, section, and student name. These ID cards typically include student details, photographs, and unique identifiers for identity verification purposes within the institution.

Student Admit Card:

This feature allows the generation of student admit cards for exams by selecting the exam, class, and section. Admit cards are essential for students to gain entry into examination halls and verify their eligibility to take the exams.

Set Certificate Types:

Admins can define and manage different types of certificates such as participation certificates, achievement certificates, character certificates, etc., including their design formats. This ensures standardized and professional-looking certificates for various purposes.

Generate Certificate:

Users can generate certificates based on predefined formats and templates. The system allows customization of certificate content, design elements, and recipient details, making it easy to issue certificates accurately and efficiently.

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