Student Academic Reports-Comprehensive Academic Reports

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Promoted Student Report:

This report allows administrators or academic coordinators to view a detailed report of students who have been promoted to the next academic year or grade level. It provides insights into the number of students promoted, their previous class details, and any additional information relevant to the promotion process.

New Admission Report:

This report provides an overview of new admissions within a specified time period. It includes information about newly enrolled students, their admission numbers, classes or grades they are admitted to, and any associated details such as admission dates or fees paid.

Student Strength Report:

The student strength report offers a comprehensive view of the total number of students enrolled in each class, grade, or section. It helps in understanding the distribution of students across different academic levels, facilitating resource allocation and planning based on student population.

Student Date Of Birth Report:

This report presents a list of students along with their respective dates of birth. It aids in organizing birthday celebrations, tracking age demographics within the student population, and ensuring compliance with age-related policies or regulations.

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