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Academic Management

Enhance Learning with Our School ERP

Manage Syllabus:

This feature allows administrators or teachers to add and manage the syllabus for different classes and subjects within the ERP system. It provides a structured platform to outline the topics, chapters, learning objectives, and timelines for each subject, ensuring clarity and organization in academic planning and delivery.

Manage Assignments:

This module enables educators to create and add assignments based on subjects and classes. They can specify assignment details such as title, description, due date, attachments, and grading criteria, facilitating effective assignment management, distribution, and evaluation.


Educators can use this feature to assign homework, worksheets, or multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to students based on subjects and classes. They can include instructions, resources, and submission deadlines, fostering continuous learning and assessment outside the classroom.

Manage Activity:

This functionality allows teachers to add various activities related to subjects and classes. These activities can include practical sessions, experiments, group projects, presentations, and other hands-on learning experiences, enhancing student engagement and understanding of curriculum concepts.

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