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Manage Class:

This feature allows users to add and edit different classes such as Nursery, 1st grade, 2nd grade, up to 12th grade. It provides a platform to organize and maintain information about each class, including their unique characteristics and requirements.

Manage Section:

Users can add and edit sections within each class, along with assigning a class teacher to each section. This feature facilitates the customization and organization of classes based on sections, ensuring efficient management and communication.

Manage Subject:

This functionality enables users to add and edit subjects like Mathematics, English, and Arts, while also allowing the addition of class-wise subjects. It streamlines the process of subject management and customization according to the curriculum.

Set Teaching Days:

Users can specify the working days and timing for teachers, helping in the effective scheduling and utilization of teaching resources. This feature optimizes teacher scheduling and ensures a structured approach to teaching hours.

Set Period Timing:

This feature involves specifying the total number of periods and their start and end times. It helps in creating a structured timetable for classes, ensuring a smooth flow of academic activities throughout the day.

Period Allocation:

Users can manage class and subject allocations, as well as shift periods to other timings or classes. This feature allows for flexibility in scheduling and accommodating changes as needed.

Class Wise Timetable:

Here, users can add class-wise timetables by selecting subjects and teachers for each period. It provides a comprehensive overview of the daily schedule for each class, enhancing organization and coordination.

Teacher's Schedule:

This feature allows users to view teachers' schedules, providing insights into their teaching assignments, working days, and timing. It aids in monitoring teacher workload and optimizing their schedules for efficiency.

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