Fee Management-Seamless Fee Management

Simplify Payments with Our School ERP

Fee Type:

This feature allows administrators to add various fee types such as admission charges, annual fees, development charges, etc., and specify the charges associated with each fee type for different classes. It provides a structured framework for managing fee structures across different categories, ensuring accuracy and transparency in fee management processes.

Fee Slot:

In this section, administrators can create and manage fee slots based on durations such as monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly. These fee slots define the payment schedule for students, facilitating systematic fee collection and financial planning within the institution.

Concession Type:

This module enables the management of student fee concessions by defining discounts or waivers on various fee types. Administrators can specify concession criteria, such as eligibility based on categories like merit, financial need, or special circumstances, ensuring fair and equitable fee management practices.

Generate Invoice/Manage Invoice:

This feature allows administrators to create and manage student fee invoices. They can track fee collections, update payment status (paid or pending), and generate reports to monitor fee-related activities effectively. It streamlines fee collection processes, enhances financial transparency, and helps in identifying outstanding payments for timely follow-up.

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