Admission Process-Efficient Admission Process

Simplify Enrollment with Our School ERP

Admit Student:

This feature allows school administrators to admit new students by entering all necessary details such as personal information, contact details, academic history, and other relevant data. Additionally, administrators can export this data for record-keeping or integration with other systems, streamlining the admission process.

Bulk Admission:

This functionality enables administrators to perform bulk entries of student data by uploading information through an Excel spreadsheet. This feature is especially useful for handling multiple admissions at once or facilitating bulk enrollment of new students, saving time and effort.

Pre-Admission Inquiry:

This module allows administrators to manage pre-admission inquiries from prospective students or their guardians. It includes features like communication via SMS or email, adding notes to inquiries, setting reminders or follow-ups, and tracking the status of inquiries to streamline the enrollment process effectively.

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