Admin Master Setting

Admin Master Settings : Centralized Control for School ERP

Manage User & Permission :

This feature allows administrators to check and configure permissions for various user roles such as Admin, Employees, Teachers, Parents, and Students. It includes managing user IDs, passwords, and access levels to different modules or features within the ERP system, ensuring data security, role-based access control, and smooth functioning of user accounts.

Manage School Profile :

Admins can edit and update essential information about the school, including the logo, name, address, establishment date, contact numbers, principal's name, and other relevant details. This feature ensures that the school's profile information is accurate, up-to-date, and reflective of the institution's identity.

Manage Academic Year:

This module allows administrators to add and manage the start and end dates of the academic year/session. It helps in organizing and tracking academic activities, maintaining records, scheduling exams, and managing curriculum-related tasks effectively within defined academic periods.

Manage Admin Profile:

Admins can add and manage information related to administrative staff, including their profiles, roles, responsibilities, contact details, and social media handles if applicable. This feature facilitates efficient communication, collaboration, and coordination among administrative personnel within the school.

Manage Fee Payment Setting:

This feature enables administrators to add and configure details about acceptable payment modes for fee collection. It includes setting up payment gateways, bank account details, fee categories, payment deadlines, installment options, and generating fee receipts or invoices, streamlining the fee payment process for parents and ensuring financial transparency.

Guardian List:

This functionality allows users to view comprehensive details of guardians associated with students. It includes information such as guardian names, contact details, relationships with students, emergency contact information, and any special instructions or preferences, enhancing communication and support for student welfare.

Online/Offline Classes:

Admins can schedule and manage online or offline classes using this feature. It includes setting class timings, assigning teachers, specifying the mode of instruction (online/offline), sharing class materials, conducting assessments, and monitoring student participation, providing flexibility and continuity in education delivery.

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