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Manage Employee:

This feature allows administrators to maintain comprehensive staff data within the ERP system, including personal information, contact details, job roles, qualifications, and other relevant details. It provides a centralized platform to update, add, or remove employee records efficiently.

Generate Employee ID:

This function enables the creation and issuance of unique identification cards for employees. These ID cards typically include essential details such as employee name, photo, designation, and department, enhancing security and identification within the institution.

Mark Employee Attendance:

The system facilitates the recording of daily attendance for employees, categorizing their status as present, absent, on half-day, or late arrivals. This data helps in tracking employee punctuality and managing payroll based on attendance records.

Set Holiday List:

Admins can define and manage a holiday schedule for the academic session or fiscal year. This includes national holidays, regional observances, and institution-specific closure days, ensuring clarity and consistency in scheduling.

Leave Type:

This module allows the categorization and management of different types of leaves such as casual leave, sick leave, earned leave, maternity/paternity leave, etc. Each leave type may have specific policies regarding accrual, eligibility, and approval processes.

Leave Request:

Employees can submit leave requests through the ERP system, specifying the type of leave, duration, and reason. Managers or HR personnel can review these requests, approve or disapprove them based on policies, and communicate decisions to the concerned individuals.

Approved Leave:

This section displays all leaves that have been approved by the relevant authorities. It serves as a reference for both employees and managers to track sanctioned leaves and plan workload distribution accordingly.

Disapproved Leaves:

Here, administrators can view leave requests that were not approved and the reasons for disapproval. This information helps in understanding leave patterns, addressing issues, and ensuring transparency in the leave management process.

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