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Access Employee Compensation Data with Our ERP

Monthly Waive-off Late:

This feature allows administrators or HR personnel to manage late permissions for employees by adding instances of waived-off late arrivals on a monthly basis. It provides a mechanism to track and record exceptions where late arrivals are excused, ensuring accurate attendance records and fair treatment of employees based on established policies.

Employee Salary:

In this section, administrators can view and maintain the salary records of each staff member and mark them as paid directly. This process involves verifying salary calculations, deductions, allowances, and other components before processing salary payments, ensuring accuracy and compliance with employment contracts and regulations.

Employee Salary History:

This module enables users to view the paid salary history of employees. It provides a comprehensive record of past salary payments, including details such as pay period, gross salary, net salary, deductions, and bonuses. This information aids in tracking salary disbursements, analyzing payment trends, and addressing any discrepancies or inquiries related to employee compensation.

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